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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


In the silence of night, it arrived;
she awoke with terror in her eyes.
Certain of what approaches in the dark;
getting her family she has no time to waste.

Grabbing the kids while the sirens wail;
as the children cry uncontrollably
she makes her way to her safe place;
now all she can do is pray.

As she awaits clutching her kids
the sound of the roar is deafening,
Closer its’ approach the air pressure drops;
nothing more to do - they embrace for impact.

Holding on her children for dear life
the house is lifted from its’ foundations;
the walls crumbled where they huddled.
What seemed like forever was only seconds.

The tempest abates as rain continues to fall;
despite her broken leg she ignores the pain.
As she struggles to remove the debris;
the children sob, battered and bruise; but alive.

Left with nothing she starts all over again;
vowing they will never live in fear.
But deep down inside they’re forever changed;
looking up in the skies each time dark clouds appear.

Copyright by NewLife2008