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Thursday, January 5, 2017

To be Innocent Again – What I Wouldn’t Do

One must have the mind of innocence
to love freely without prejudice
and see with eyes open wide
of what a person truly is inside.

To be free of fear and mistrust;
from which our insides start to rust
rotting away hope and light;
diminishing our souls as it fades into the night.

We must insist on being innocent;
free from the whispers of discontent
from the doubt that drapes and suffocates,
killing our hope the more it permeates.

So resist with every ounce of your being;
we‘re all the same, we want something to believe in.
Whether we make it or whether we fall,
like a child we’ll eventually heal from the scars.

Those childlike qualities is what’s missing,
look deep inside; they’re in each one of you.
Remember what it was to live and love without hate?
It’s the only thing that will save us from our fate.

Never give up believing in humanity
because humans are you, them and me;
embrace others no matter race, creed or color
we are all children of God; sisters and brothers.

Copyright by NewLife2008