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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Reluctant Parting

On the warm summer ground I lie,
the azure sky is my canvas.
Memories pass through my mind
putting me in a state of calmness;
and I’ve yet to say goodbye.

In agony, my last tears flow
as warm blood seeps into the ground,
my perpetrator effortless at his craft
no time to even make a sound;
fatal was his decisive blow.

Smelling the grass as I lay on my side
because my better judgment I betrayed;
the air is crisp and clean.
Squinting from the sun’s rays
I wishing this was only a dream.

I’m left to think what could have been;
my heartbeat down to a crawl.
If I had only chosen a different path today;
there’s so much I wanted to say;
and I know exactly where I would begin:

Thank you all though I didn’t convey
the love to me you showed.
I would love to have replied;
but this you will never know since
I’ll never tell you all goodbye.

I’m fading quickly now,
only seconds before I pass.
As I heave in one last sigh,
my heart is no longer beating
and I never got to say goodbye.

Copyright by NewLife2008