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Monday, January 16, 2017

My Son, My Heart

The distinct smell of iodoform permeates my sensory neurons
as I sit in the waiting room with my muted emotions
staring at the television I can’t emote a response to Monday Night Football -

Across the way my wife carries our son in ICU;
he doesn’t cry because he’s heavily sedated
but soon, his heart will no longer beat

because he has a terminal illness. At only
a day and a half old he will never know
what we look like or see our now sad faces.

What is worse, today is April 19th, 1993
and MNF has been replaced with David Koresh -
the TV  burns fire and smoke fills the screen -

and my eyes fill with tears – not from the smoke
but from the fire that is being extinguish in my son;
he can hear our voices and softly smiles, holding my finger.

But now he is slowly fading away…he will be
gone but not forgotten; I didn’t hold him
she did – but I will always hold him in my heart.

Copyright by NewLife2008