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Friday, February 15, 2013

A Sinner's Prayer

A sinner’s prayer is all this is
perfunctory in effort at best;
I can’t remember when I really tried.
Going through the motions it seems;
In a whirlpool of redundancy
my life is a total mess.

Wave my hands in a certain motion,
upward gaze in mediocre reverence
as if it would increase my chance.
Repeating words like a broken record,
I probably can say them backwards;
I wonder if I’ll get any points for that.

I don’t claim to be perfect;
like everyone else, it’s fact I can’t deny.
The fact remains that it’s so easy to lie;
I wish I had something to move me;
to believe I could garner true forgiveness
but the truth is I don’t believe anymore.

Eyes wide open to all that I see
for all the badness I’ve done,
but I know I’m not the only one.
Two sides of my mouth I tend to speak
as if a sinner’s prayer carried any weight;
my future should be easy to deliberate.

I’m not a bad person, but I can be mean,
selfish and brooding even at times;
violence sometimes gets the best of me.
Those few moments when I succumb,
leaves little to anyone’s imagination
the reason I pray for my salvation.

I think I speak for all when I say
I truly wish I didn’t live this way;
sometimes my reprieve exists in a cup.
Maybe yours exists in some other faucet,
but when I bend my knees and look up;
this sinner’s prayer is all I’ve got.

Copyright by NewLife2008