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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Shower of Memories

Before going to bed I showered 
and while there I thought of you;
it seems I do a lot of thinking there.
You came across my mind and 
I wondered how you are doing.

Missing you and worrying about you so;
just wish I could just tell you, though
the last time we talked seems like eons ago.
Blood no longer thicker than water despite 
the fact that you now have a daughter.

Now it's just me and my thoughts;
closing my eyes as the hot water
cascades down, soothing me,
as I remember our times spent
together and how things used to be.

As the heat rises and fills the room
the condensation fogs up the mirror
and like it, our future is no longer clear.
Regardless of where we now stand
in my heart I will always hold you dear.

Finishing my nightly ritual I dry off;
my thoughts move to my aching pains as
back to bed I tread to join my sleeping wife.
Though you don't know I wish you the best
as I lie on my pillow and put my mind to rest.

Copyright by NewLife2008