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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Strands of Time

The strands of time weave memories
so delicate a blanket bringing me warmth
from fond moments but have been torn and 
tattered by events throughout time leaving
me cold in this journey called life.

Cruel on the one hand, time stands still
making every moment agonizing knowing the 
future of our cherished ones lies just inches
away from our very hands – left only wringing 
them together; holding each other in consolation 
knowing they’re tied – hopeless to render aid
to the ones that need it most.

From it this delicate blanket is torn but I’m not able
so sew it back together since its tear is not at a hem
to be repaired so it remains a constant reminder like a
wound that never heals – trying to minimize the damage 
I fold it within the rest of the fabric and pray with the
passage of time I never have to feel the coldness of life
seeping through again to make me shudder.

Loving on the other hand time pours expressions of elation 
and sunny smiles that have helped cover some of the tragedies 
that have befallen me; with fondness and affection; occasions 
pleasantly filling the photo book of life literally and figuratively, 
people dear to me, sharing time spent together and of places visited;
leaving me so thankful for the ones who've provided it in my life. 

Yet my blanket isn't left without consequence; good or bad
it has through time become weaker and weaker, thinner 
and thinner until they disappear. The thousands of strands no 
longer can serve the purpose they were meant for; each one of those 
strands representing the ones lost from unforeseen occurrences, 
disease, accidents, sickness, and our mortal enemy death. Now I 
too have become old and feeble, my power fading even though this 
blanket of life is no longer mine; the memories and moments is what
I will remember just before my strand is no longer here as well.

Copyright by NewLife2008