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Thursday, February 14, 2013

It Made Me Cry

I didn’t know his circumstance
but on the concrete he laid;
his hand outstretched as he entreated
ignoring his pleas as people glanced
refusing to give any aid.
His existing state not his fault he repeated,
dropping what little change I had as I passed by;
wondering where did is life go awry.

Little ones a jewel of creation;
a special gift given to us to take care
but it seems that’s no longer the norm.
Thousands of children in a desperate situation,
the love that’s expected is no longer there;
now have to suffer pain and harm
by the very hands that gave them their existence;
what was a little life is gone in an instance.

So vigorous and full of vitality;
beautiful and innocent,
I’m sure that’s what they were.
Now out on the streets nightly,
not a mystery of where it went;
wishing they could be what they were before,
selling their bodies for meager means;
drugs and empty promises took away their dreams.

Amongst the billions of lives I live
and I wonder if they feel the same way I do;
thinking things can’t continue like this.
It seems something in this world has to give
the foundation of this world is so askew -
harsh realities too real to dismiss -
we couldn’t rid this world’s problems if we tried;
as I read of another tragedy it made me cry.

Copyright by NewLife2008