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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Stain of Hunger

Little soft smiles all around;
while green mucus runs down
on swollen stomachs of feeble bodies,
dirty brown markings abound.
White, yellow, black, brown,
all oblivious to their impending plight;
except to the fiery red flame
of the hunger inside that burns bright.

Some can no longer stand on their own,
their mothers are forcefully resigned;
as their children cry and moan;
knowing death is just a matter of time.
The whites of their eyes are all she sees;
while black despair fills the very air,
biting bugs and flies suddenly appear;
one final breath and he’s no longer there.

Hunger is a wretched gray of misery;
every three and a half seconds another dies,
because they’re trapped in severe poverty
while the food they need is being denied.
Being fed with only empty words and white lies,
their very souls tormented black and blue.
As life continues in a downward spiral;
Sadly, losing lives to hunger continues.

Copyright by NewLife2008