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Friday, February 1, 2013


As each individual dreams
far-fetched as it may seem,
it keeps them in constant expectation.
Inside of which is a burning fire
nothing which can douse their desire;
within their hope lies the foundation.

Resilient despite despair,
not leaving anything to chance;
the reality of failure they’re quite aware;
refusal to it is their stance
so onward they plow;
feeling they’ll make it; someday, somehow.

Each person is different,
though inside they’re all the same.
Not one to be complacent;
determination is their aim;
something that all of us can relate
with anticipation; they eagerly await.

If a mere preposterous concoction
all based on grandiose illusions;
our hearts must use caution
since it’s our heart we’re using.
Imperfect decisions causing decay
and slowly the dream would wither away.

An intrinsic sentiment that’s hard to withstand;
inexorably we keep trying to aspire
as our unreasonableness exceed our demands.
Our over-zealousness causes a misfire;
so back to the drawing board for another try
since in dreams is where our happiness lies.

Copyright by NewLife2008