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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Bug's Life

Through a pixelated world I see
all these pixels make my world blurry;
the resolution isn't resolute,
no particular way is absolute,
so I react instinctively without hesitation;
it’s either exist or obliteration.

Heat, wind, or vibration,
even the slightest variation
keeps my senses keenly aware;
helping prolonging my existence here
as I try to fulfill this life cycle;
perpetuating future generations before I go.

Thousand of millions of us in existence;
higher beings viewing us with indifference
until they deem us a nuisance with contempt.
To rid us of our place they seem so determined,
insignificant they view us and hence;
not thinking of the underlying consequence.

Beautiful flowers in need of pollination,
designed to aid in their fruits population.
The earth’s ground to which we are designated;
to cleanse the soil and subsequently aerate it,
the chemicals you impose leave us no recourse;
you kill the problem but then kill the resource.

It’s bad enough we live a meager expectancy
with others feasting on us by mere supremacy;
beings seeing us as a scourge by way of disease
yet destroying our lives and theirs as they please.
We didn't invade and take over their land;
no, that distinction belongs all to man.

Now the ecosystem is way out of balance;
it’s so messed up I don’t know if I have a chance.
They realize our micro cosmos affects everyone and
I hope it’s not too late to undo the damage they've done;
destined it seems to live my existence filled with strife;
such is the case when living a bug’s life.

Copyright by NewLife2008