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Friday, July 5, 2013

Twisted Life

So you've been known to dance and sing;
you're so good at this popularity thing.
Men in your life come and go and
all your business everyone knows,
try as you may the spotlight you can’t escape
and you make it worse by the choices you make.
Exposing yourself and you don’t blink an eye;
get in your way and you lash out like you’re crazed.
You're questioned as a mother and you wonder why,
weeks later and you say it’s nothing but a faze;
needing help the courts have your father intervene
and to your fans you can do no wrong it seems.

It’s a twisted mangled mess;
too late to turn back.
No longer can you second guess,
the man is dead and gone - look what you've done;
you talk about your pain
but you aren't the only on.
You can simply walk away,
no true consequence for you.
You're guilty of the crime
but you're not going to do the time;
because you're name is up in lights
and everyone loves you, right?

Blood splattered, flesh is torn,
what were lives are no more.
Up until now no one really knew
but underneath somewhere laid the truth.
People’s lives will never be the same
your rendezvous is no longer a game;
you tried your best to keep it concealed
but everything eventually is revealed.
In a rage she finally came undone
and unfortunate for you she has a gun;
but you say you can't stay and she can't let you go;
now you're both dead and everyone knows.

One of the greatest entertainers of our day;
at least that’s what many people say.
Though they didn't know the real you or
of all the things you did and went through,
what was perceived and what was real.
Keeping little boys and animals inside your gates
where you lived in your Neverland estate;
regardless the masses loved you still.
Now the gloved one is all but gone;
to give their respects they came in throngs;
your kids and family left behind;
in death, peace you finally find.

Another incident, but sadly not unique,
to all its very transparently clear;
the more money you have the louder it speaks
to the point it’s so loud they no longer hear.
Too much power and fame,
yes, too much of everything
until they're no longer themselves.
Believing they're invincible is their demise;
cordial and smiles but inside its all lies.
What’s really inside no one can tell
until the pressure builds up and the dam breaks;
and in the end it never bodes well.

Copyright by NewLife2008