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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Delicate Existence

In the delicate folds of her skin
sun spots and freckles paint her canvas;
exasperated by the free radicals afloat
trying to minimize the damage within.
Her temples pulsate from reflection,
her eyes as piercing as ever,
filled with contemplation and hope;
her sights set in a new direction.

Timeless beauty bounded up in the folds of time,
unraveled strands making up the years
from the unadulterated innocent beginnings.
Playful glee without worried strife
coming to a halt no longer sublime;
filling up with worried stressful tears
burdened by her complicated life;
adolescence never quite realized.

And it all falls on her like a weight;
for a ten year old it doesn’t seem fair.
No time to reflect she hides behind a veil,
she doesn’t have time, too much to care for;
though she can breathe she’s drowning for air.
Inside she loves but logic keeps her torn;
so she clings to hope since she still believes
knowing this isn't the way it’s supposed to be.

Years later and now on her own
her contemplation and hope have grown;
Despite success and failures along the way
the only way to minimize the impact is resolution;
it works for some memories, but others still remain;
knowing some pains no one can take away.
Overcome by madness is an unfortunate solution;
sadly some things will never be the same.

She is better now and wiser from it
as some things you just have to let go;
making amends and moving on is requisite
what the future holds no one ever knows.
Uncharted horizons before her awaits
though she is more guarded now,
she finally realizes what her life means;
gathering herself as her life slowly reconvenes.

Happiness is only a moment away;
deliberate her steps as if on a high-wire
fighting off treacherous thoughts everyday.
To rise above it all is what she aspires;
slowly but surely she will come to attain
those around her who will nurture.
She is now secure in securing her future;
knowing she'll never have to deal with the pain.

Copyright by NewLife2008