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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dance, dance, dance

Dance, dance unreachable light
way up in the dark skylight.
Sparkling crystal ballerinas
pirouetting out in heavens arena.
Parading across the earth’s orbit as
we dream beneath the space in between.

Dance, dance natures bouquet
as winds’ hand takes you away.
A cornucopia of vibrant colors,
across the landscape you shower
us with fanciful fragrant aromas;
so approachable is your persona.

Dance, dance up in the azure sky
with wispy white eyelash surprise,
variation of shapes with each glance;
imagination colliding with circumstance.
Covering us with shade or showering rain
and dancing snowflakes that hit my window pane.

Dance, dance my beautiful matrimonial maid;
in intricate flowing gown and white sheer overlay.
Today is your special day and it’s finally come;
now as husband and wife we've become one.
It’s time to share the first dance together;
growing to treasure each other’s love forever.

Copyright by NewLife2008