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Monday, July 1, 2013


Twisted, writhing convoluted,
the pain inside my soul
confusing my brain.
I’m lying on the floor
like a junkie who needs more,
needing something to make it end;
I wish this pain would dissipate.

Something so inconsequential
or so I thought;
it’s telling me otherwise,
the pain catching me by surprise,
I’m just a slave to its cravings
every time it changes me;
someone help me, my soul needs saving.

It dominates my every thought
I can't think of nothing else;
for hours and hours at a time
I’m at its mercy; for which I hate.
This life is no longer mine;
craving the darkness I need to be by myself;
cold and damp into the abyss I gravitate.

I drift off into the space of unconsciousness
not knowing what day or time it is;
at long last my body is at peace
as the pain and convulsions finally leave.
My body is worn out from another episode;
at long last I’m given a reprieve;
I want this to just stop, please.

Not in control of the things inside;
I thought I was strong enough to resist
but when it comes I have nowhere to hide.
I’m so tired of living like this;
my hope is strong, eternal it flows
as I cope with this everyday my resolve grows;
Twisted I may be but one day this will end I know.

Copyright by NewLife2008