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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hurtful Desires

In the deepest darkest secrets sin resides;
posturing for dominance in the heart it hides
as it ignores reasoning for its justification;
wanton lust behind an obvious aberration.

Late hours in front of a glowing screen
looking at disgusting acts of the obscene;
over time the standard views looses its luster;
needing more disgusting acts to cut the mustard.

In the mind the seed in now firmly planted,
wishing now if only now an act can be granted;
he goes out to find someone who’ll willing comply
since these unnatural feelings can no longer be denied.

Out roaming in dark smoked filled nightclubs
angered that even with the inebriated he’s snubbed;
goes back home to think of how to exact his revenge
since hurtful desires from his very mind now hinge.

Riding around slowing in the morning school hours
trying to find unwitting ones as the block he scourers;
friendly banter and smooth talk his mode of operation;
slowly building trust of the innocent is his determination.

Now having one in his grasp the kindness instantly disappears;
using threatening words and intimidation his motive is clear.
But an ensuing struggle permits a chance for her escape
fortunately ending an act that would have ended in a rape.

Time passes and now his eyes covet a married man’s wife;
not satisfied with his, he wants what he has in his own life.
His sexual appetite a rage he can no longer keep to his own;
justifying like others he feels his conduct is one to condone.

No one ever had a clue since he hid his sickness so well
that after all these years not even his wife could tell.
But it festered like a an uncleanness that can’t be wiped away
and since he did not restrain it; it kept growing everyday.

Trying to find a way to her he undermines the good of her man;
seeing what unhappiness in her he can try to command.
Day by day he can see her walls finally collapsing within;
at last he can finally begin with what will be her final end.

Copyright by NewLife2008