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Thursday, July 4, 2013


Document, that’s all that’s left of you;
from all these papers I've gone through.
You're no longer here, you're just a date
and what’s left of you I can't escape.
A painful reminder of all that I knew
finalized in raised emblem signed in blue;
with the final description typed within them
telling me what supposedly happened to you.
But what they say don't make me no mind
because that’s not what I carry with me;
just smiles and happy times of what used to be.

Document makes it hard to deny the truth;
It seems I can't accept that you've gone away
but what they give me show me proof
that you're no longer with me here today.
I'm no fool but I keep on holding to the past
remembering all that you mean to me;
no matter how hard I try the years go by too fast
and I’m afraid that you'll end up a distant memory.
But every time I pull out my box of documents
I see the brown envelope behind a certain manila tab
and it leaves my heart heavy and my soul so sad.

Copyright by NewLife2008