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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Canvas of Life

The canvas of my life has been painted,
the colors I have chosen and now
I can see what has become of me.
With a splash of black on canvas white
my life was filled with darkest nights;
sometimes also a shade of grey clouding
my thoughts between wrong and right.
Throughout the years came many moments;
some sadly were a blur in the stream of time;
while others stood out in my mind with
soft soothing colors making them sublime
and those moments I've certainly cherished.
I can say unequivocally that I've enjoyed
these moments of colorful dancing beams
with merriment and nostalgia as they’ve
cascaded across this canvas of what is my life.
It’s shaped me into what I now am
and I can say there have been regrets
but there are things that I can’t forget.
I realize that life passes us by too soon
and then in the twilight of our years
moments are all that we have left.
My canvas of colors in time will fade away
and though some colors were left to chance
all in all I can say that I've enjoyed this dance.

Copyright by NewLife2008