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Monday, July 1, 2013

Where My Torment Lies

Down deep in dungeons where the unknown lies
I've gone to seek what torments my body and mind.
It curses me from the depths as I hear its cries
in a labyrinth of darkness I try to seek and find
and destroy this creature that curses my very life.

A stranger to it I'm not as it knows me as well;
my weapons are ready and my courage is strong
it has a thirst for my blood and me it can smell.
But I will not rest until this creature is gone
and I've freed myself from this tortuous hell.

Down into the dungeon I proceed with reckless abandon
making my way through the labyrinth it knows I approach;
angered by my presence as it hears my feet landing
into it’s no longer solitary abode that I've encroached;
both of us on collision course we are destined to fulfill.

With a torch in my hand the beast makes clear of its location
as it pounds the concrete approaching at a fever pitch pace;
waiting to intercept him I eagerly await our confrontation.
Finally coming from around the bend we are face to face;
nothing need be said as we both know we have a need to kill.

What becomes a fierce battle that goes on throughout the night
back and forth we go trying to smite each other with deadly blows;
what seems like a standoff though both fighting with all our might
to the creature’s demise I'm aware of something that it doesn’t know;
as I await the perfect moment to unleash my cunning defense.

Its anger has become its undoing since too blind with rage,
I now have the upper hand as I cut it down where it stands.
Keeping my wits I perfectly pierce it with my poisonous blade;
into its heart the poison takes immediate effect and like grains of sand
it crumbles to the ground leaving me victorious once again.

Copyright by NewLife2008