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Monday, July 1, 2013

Rainy Days

Rainy days are made for lying around,
looking out the window upside down;
while the gray sky rumbles and aches;
no choice for me other than to partake.

Rainy days sometimes accompany the usual;
coming down in the presence of funerals;
it helps hide the tears we shed
when paying our respects to the dead.

Rainy days are for rambunctious ones;
adorning raincoats and galoshes and off they run,
splashing and playing until the rain relents,
mother calling them in; their energy spent.

Rainy days are for those in love;
walking in it as it falls softly from above;
romantic conversation and longing glances,
the perfect ingredients of what romance is.

Rainy days are for supplying life;
making the earth in all of its phases rife.
Quenching the ground and cleaning the air;
for without it life itself wouldn't exist here.

Rainy days are essential for everything,
regardless of the slight inconvenience it brings;
greeting us with a lovely reminder here down below;
with the creator’s promise that of a rainbow.

Copyright by NewLife2008