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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Only in Memories

Touching your cheek on this screen
it’s all I have left of you it seems;
I'm losing my mind wondering why
you felt you had to leave and say goodbye.

Somewhere you float like a ship lost at sea;
torn from your moors so you could be free.
Your freedom though comes at a consequence;
painfully not realizing it was at an expense.

You I thought I would never lose,
but what lured you was hard to refuse.
Regardless of your choice I love you still and
pray you come back but probably never will.

Every day this pain I try to hide
so people can't see what’s inside;
all the memories I keep of you;
it seems there is nothing more I can do.

I tried and gave it my very best
yet you only made me second guess.
If you could have of only realized
how much I truly sacrificed.

I hope you find yourself one day;
it seems you're throwing your life all away,
so many things you could have done;
those chances for you have come and gone.

As my touch on this screen lingers across,
I imaginarily wishing to feel what I’ve lost.
My love for you will never relinquish it seems;
For I see you every time when I dream.

Copyright by NewLife2008