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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear;
so watch out and keep looking to your rear;
it only takes a second to realize that
this the message is not a guise.
When changing to another lane,
it becomes a shock to your brain
when people’s horns start blaring
and at the top of their lungs they’re swearing
like it was something that you did;
but really, who are they trying to kid?
They speed like it’s the Autobahn;
except here in America, we don't have one.
But you can't tell by the way people drive;
it’s a miracle that you're alive and
now it’s a personal vendetta.
Look out because they're coming to get'cha,
out of their way, or you'll regret it;
this is their road and it has their name on it.
With their unmitigated audacity, it seems
their brains don't have the capacity;
they think it’s everyone’s fault except theirs.
Reasoning with them is like splitting hairs;
it’s better to just give them the right away
than resist and they end up ruining your day.
It just comes to bite you back in the end;
with people like them you can never win.
So the next time you gaze in the side view mirror
realize there is always a loose one in the area;
don't fool yourself into thinking
just because your signal light is blinking
and the distance between you and them seems a ways;
just let them pass, and believe what the mirror says.

Copyright by NewLife2008